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Company Founder

Brayden Charles

Chief Executive Officer

Brayden Charles is the Chief Technology Officer of Reserve Money. He manages the company's technology infrastructure, with staff and resources in United States and Singapore. His all-round experience in every aspect of the business and his good analytical skills has proved invaluable in the company's quest to attain perfection in various demanding business driven models. Brayden Charles has a successful track record of IT leadership of almost 15 years with broad experience across infrastructure operations, network management, process development, application development/deployment, database management, website operations, developing - structural designs to optimize software operations, booking engines, fares management systems and other external connectivity solutions. He is responsible for web service delivery and software development lifecycle and selecting the right technology tools for all the cutting edge solutions developed by Reserve Money.

Meet Our Team

Lucia Penelope
Chief Operating Oficer

John Frances
Director:New Business Development

Mark Adraison
Chief Technology Officer

Anya Siennadia
Support Officer

Hendrie Phil
Chief Risk Officer

Fred Jesse
Chief Marketing Officer

Krieger Robbie

Richard John
Chief Communication Officer

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